Grandview Mountain Cottages & Farm

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We are not participating in the farmer’s market this year (2015) due to family health issues. We hope to be back in 2016. Thanks for your understanding.

Heirloom Tomatoes, Homemade Jams, Blueberries, Raw Honey & Bee Pollen and more. Peach, strawberry, plum jams, crowd favorite hot pepper jam, ole timey tomato cinnamon jam, blueberry jam and more. We also grow a variety of heirloom cherry and two bite tomatoes, Ozark Pinks, Brandywines, Cherokees and ornamental pastel colored cotton as well as fresh flowers and herbs and heirloom veggies.

Grandview Mountain Cottages & Farm is a family run 145 acre farm on the Cumberland Plateau in Grandview TN that offers romantic eco-friendly country vacation cottages lodging. Romance or Family Fun, we also have a pet friendly policy. Our cottages are all eco-friendly and we use all natural non toxic cleaning and pest control supplies. The vacation cottages have European standard whole house water fitration systems insuring pure fresh drinking water and bathing water. Our hot tubs are cleaned with an ozonation process allowing for the minimal usuage of chlorine allowed by Tn law. We are open year round for our vacation rentals.

We have a small screenporch store for our guests to purchase jams, honey and produce and we now are proud to sell these items as well at the Cumberland Sustainable Farmers’ Market. Check out our cottage rentals at grandviewmountaincottages.com We have a large organic seasonal garden (non certified) and a small berry orchard. We also have organic bee hives and sell raw organically raised bee honey. A recent study showed that 71% of honey sold in stores (including health food stores) is fake honey so be sure you know your producers of honey and get your honey direct from hives you know and trust. Our honey is 100% Pure honey, raw (not cooked or heated in anyway) and are hives are managed by our certified beekeeper friend Sheila Ray who uses only organic methods in treating the bees (herbs keep them healthy!). We have practiced organic practices since 1972 and grow everything without any chemicals or pesticides. We use flowers and companion planting and rotational methods to keep insect control in line.

Our farmhouse kitchen and canning methods have been certified through the Domestic Kitchen Program under the TN Dept of Agriculture and we have a Domestic Kitchen License under that state agency. If you are ever unhappy with our products or produce, please email us and we will replace it or refund it. We want you to be happy!

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