Chris' Content Critters

We have A strong young flock of about 60 large-breed, brown-egg laying hens. They are free-range on about 2 1/2 acres of grass now. Purchased feed is non-GMO from Bob’s. They are laying about 3-4 dozen large eggs a day at this point. And consuming about 20 pounds of feed a day. They just started laying in January after their 2 to 3 month molt. Half of this flock is pullets. Their eggs are also large now. The other hand Half are larger hens 2-3years old. Chris takes excellent care of them although he is special-needs. He was reserve grand champion in 4H 2012. This was the beginning of his flock, and he has improved upon it annually. He has had local, faithfully customers from the beginning; but the flock is overproducing their needs!

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