Fruit of our Labor Farm


I have herbs for sale.
Comfrey which I obtained my original plant from Old Williamsburg, VA about 6 years ago & it has become a huge plant(see picture below) with many sold & spread across the state.
I have given plenty of information at my site regarding the uses & benefits of Comfrey. Not only for a fabulous fertilizer for gardening, also used for cattle feed supplement, & for healing many ailments, so do check it out.
I offer one dollar back if the purchaser returns or exchanges a pot as I tend to run out of them.

Lemon Balm as fresh cut bunch or live root (not potted, but wrapped ready for planting, picked the day of delivery)

Oregano, fresh picked day of delivery

Spearmint fresh cut bunch or live root, dug the day of delivery, wrapped & ready to plant.

Wormwood fresh cut bunch for fresh use for making tinctures or for drying to encapsulate. Check my blog for the how to use & why in parasite cleansing.

I make soap. Presently I have a pure coconut & olive oil shampoo/body bar.

I have salves & lotions. All safe with minimal ingredients, made with many of my own grown herbs.

Periodically I have an abundance of vegetables from my garden that I sell at market on Market day. So check it out.

Farm Fresh Eggs when available from my Buff Orpington & Black Sexlink hens, who also have a male counterpart our Rooster. This means the eggs are fertilized. So you can hatch for your own hens. The hens roam free eating grass & weed seeds, over a 5 acre area! They are fed a safe, purely organic, no harmful soy, no GMO corn diet along with all the bugs & grubs & such they can catch. Which means, you are getting an exceptionally healthy cholesterol egg. The yolks are orange which means they have lots of variety in their diet & not just cooped up getting only grain. There is no such thing as a vegetarian chicken…they eat bugs, snakes & anything that they can catch in the meat department as our Creator intended.

We do not use any pesticides, insecticides no herbicides & no chemical fertilizers or sprays on our property. We use kelp, chicken manure, grass fed only~ cow manure, Azomite & Sea 90 to fertilize, diatomaceous earth, neem oil & hand picking to control bugs.

The county does not spray our roadside as we call to tell them yearly we are organic gardeners & so they honor this by not spraying a one mile radius. Did you know you can tell them not to spray if you too are an organic farmer?
contact me for details.

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